Evolutionary Sociology

by Frank W. Elwell
Rogers State University

While many modern theorists have been influenced by social evolutionary theory, this page is devoted to indexing social theorists whose theories are explicitly evolutionary in scope. The theorists referenced on this page are materialist in emphasis, that is they see the driving force behind sociocultural evolution as some combination and/or interaction of the natural environment, contact with other societies, population growth, production technology, and capitalism.

Contemporary Evolutionary Social Theorists:       
Marvin Harris Stephen K. Sanderson Theda Skocpol
Gerhard E. Lenski Jonathan H. Turner David Rindos
Immanuel Wallerstein Jared Diamond Samir Amin
Andre Gunder Frank Ester Boserup Janet Abu-Lughod
Classical Social Theorists   In the Classical Tradition

The Industrial Revolution continues. Recently, we have entered a "hyper-industrial" phase in which massive industrial and population changes begun in the 17th century are disrupting the remaining vestiges of  traditional institutions as well as the norms and values of western societies. Drawing on the work of classical and neo-classical theorists, Industrializing America: Understanding  Contemporary Society through Classical Sociological Analysis is an attempt to integrate and synthesize these insight into a comprehensive world view.

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