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Kenneth S. Hicks, Ph.D.

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Office: 110 Will Rogers Auditorium Basement

Phone: 343-7687


Bachelor of Science, Political Science, West Georgia College, 1986.

Master of Arts, Government and International Studies, University of South Carolina, 1990.

Doctor of Philosophy, Government and International Studies, University of South Carolina, 1998.


Growing up on military installations in the Deep South during the 1960ís and 70ís, I became aware of the importance of politics at an early age; my father was called to serve in Vietnam. A later international event, which furthered my early interest in politics, was the Iranian occupation of our embassy in 1979. These two events helped shape an ongoing interest  interest in the political world, and the problems that confront us as inhabitants of modernity.

In graduate school at the University of South Carolina I studied a wide variety of political phenomena, from political terrorism to the question of human nature in politics. My primary concern as a teacher is to produce thoughtful, informed, and active citizens. I enjoy the process of teaching, and cultivating students' awareness of the importance that politics plays in their everyday lives. 

Fall Courses:

American Federal Government
American Federal Government:
American Federal Government:

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